Monday, February 12, 2007

Fried Spam is nice

Hi! I'm David Mejia and I like to do lots of drawings and read lots of books. Though I usually end up drawing more drawing than books. That is reading the books, not drawing them , because it's kind of stupid drawing a book, unless you're into that kind of thing. I also like to dance. usually go to a club called the Blank club in San Jose, and I dance as much as possible. I don't like drinking that much cause it ruins my focus. I think for most people that's the point. They don't want to focus they want to party. Well, I take dancing very seriously, and if I drink, I'll just flop around and scream like every other idiot. Unfortunately the Blank club isn't a meat market like most of the places. The sexes are fairly equal, so ladies , if you're hoping to get groped my pigs you don't know, the Blank isn't the place for you. But then one must ask one self, who cares? Well, if you don't care then stop reading. If you do, then by all means read on. Fried Spam is so delicious, it's almost like bacon. Okay that's it. Bye!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Frog soup

Hi all. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say so I'll be speaking randomly. Of course I'm not actually speaking, because I'm writing. but , if you felt so inclined, you could read this out loud and it would be spoken. Though it would be you speaking and not I. Or is that "myself"? I should have paid better attention in algebra. Okay, Bye!